How to locate a specific Booking

Unique Trust ID's for Bookings and Transactions

How to check the status of a Booking

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How to locate a specific booking

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1.Login to the Infinity platform and select 'Bookings' from the main menu to see details of the most recently created Bookings.

2.To search for a specific booking, use the drop down and search field to filter by name, email, reference, country and more. For example, you can search using the Trust ID. Please note that a Booking will have a different Trust ID to the Transaction Trust ID.

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You can also search by date period and amend that search period here:

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Unique Trust ID’s for bookings and transactions

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Each Booking will be assigned a unique Trust ID.


Each Transaction related to a Trust My Travel Booking will have a separate unique Trust ID.

You can find any Transaction ID’s that are related to a Booking by scrolling down to the bottom of a Booking.

Click on the blue transaction and this will take you to that transaction related to the Booking.

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Similarly, you can find Booking ID’s that are related to a Transaction by scrolling down to the bottom of a Transaction.

Click on the blue booking title and this will take you to the booking related to the transaction.

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How to check the status of a Booking

Bookings in green are 'Paid'

Bookings in grey are 'Draft' (manual bookings)

Bookings in blue are 'Unpaid' (manual bookings)

Bookings in orange are 'Partially Paid'

Bookings in purple are 'Authorised'

Bookings in red are 'Locked' or 'Expired'