Manual Bookings

Manual Bookings

How to manually create a new Booking

How to edit a Booking that you have created

How to request payment for a Manual Booking

How to pre-define your company address

How to change the company address that appears on your payment requests

How to change the balance due date on a payment request

How to charge a deposit and a final payment

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How to manually create a new Booking

1. Login to the TMT Infinity Platform

2.Click 'Bookings' on the Main Menu

3.Click the green 'Create Booking' button, top-right

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.18.22

4.Complete Traveller's first name

5.Complete Traveller's last name

6.Complete Traveller's email address

7.Enter a unique reference number. (This is separate from the unique Trust ID and is for your internal records).

8.Add the End Date of the tour of activity in Date of Travel. (This date must be today or in the future)

9.Select the processing channel from the drop down menu

10.Complete the description of product/service

You are required to provide a brief summary of the booking within the description field in order to ensure each component of the booking is financially protected.

For example; 7 day tour to Egypt inc airport transfers OR Hop on Hop off Rome sightseeing tour.

This summary should not exceed 1023 characters.

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 4.48.43 pm

11.You will be required to enter the exact amount of passengers in attendance and which country the travel product or service will take place. (Pax is number of passengers in the booking)

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.19.15

12.Select the Country where the passengers are travelling to from the drop down menu.

13.Finally, add the value of the booking.

To save this booking, scroll to the top of the page and click the 'Create new booking' button.

Please note that all of the information entered will be viewed by the traveller making payment for the booking.

The booking you have just created will be saved as a draft and is now viewable in the summary of your most recent bookings. You can edit if you realise you have made a mistake using the blue edit button at the top of the screen.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.20.36

You will now need to generate a payment request in order for your traveller to be notified to make payment for this booking. The traveller is emailed a link to a unique, temporary, payment page. Read on for next steps.


How to edit a manual Booking

1.Select the 'Bookings' tab on the left hand side of the dashboard

Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 09.55.20
Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 09.56.00
Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 09.56.09

2.Click on the blue 'Edit' button at the top of the screen

You can edit the following fields:

First Name

Last Name


Reference Description


Country Travelling To


Press the green 'Save' button once you have finished your edit.


How to request payment for a Manual Booking

1.To request payment for the booking, open the draft booking and click the green 'Generate Payment Request' button.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 16.34.41

2.This will open a new tab which should be pre populated with your Company Name and Address.

3.You can amend the Due date - it defaults to 15 days from today.

4.You are then required to enter the Terms & Conditions of payment. For example, the deadline for payment. You can amend the Terms and Conditions if you have amended the Due date.

5.You can now Preview the Payment Request (blue button top right) and Edit (same button) before you send to the traveller.

6.To save the payment request information and send the request at a later date click 'Preview'.

7.You have two options to send the Payment Request to the traveller.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 16.34.47

You can 'Copy URL' (orange button top right) and paste this link in an email that you send to the traveller yourself.


Email the traveller via the Payment Request app and CC your company email address (use green button at top right).

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 16.34.53

Your company will appear in the subject line of the payment request email in order for travellers to recognise the sender and nature of the email.

The traveller will be asked to enter Payee information and click 'Make Payment' before entering their card details. The traveller selects the currency, clicks Pay and receives a transaction email from Trust My Travel to confirm the status of their payment.

The status of the Booking will be updated once the traveller has successfully made payment.

Please note: the URL payment page will expire on the 'Due Date' you set. If payment is not made by this date you will need to create a new booking.


How to pre-define your company address

1.Login and click on the 'Settings' icon at the top right of screen. Go to 'Edit Site Settings' button

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.28.29

2.Enter your company address into the Company Address field and click on the Save Site Settings button

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.28.35

3.Your company address should now appear by default on all Payment Request pages generated from now on.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.28.42


How to change the company address that appears on your payment requests

1.Select the Settings Cog icon, the top right

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.23.03

2.Select 'Edit Site Settings'

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.23.12

3.Manually type over the address with the required address.

4.Click 'Save Site Settings'


How to manually change the balance due date on a payment request

1.Click on the green Generate Payment Request Button

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.12.22

2.Change the due date by manually typing over the date in the blue rectangle

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.13.16

3.Change the Terms & Conditions by typing over the pre populated words in the blue rectangle

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.14.47
Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 14.14.53


How to charge a deposit and a final payment

1.Follow instructions for “How to manually create a new Booking”

2.In the Total field put the deposit amount.

3.Follow the instructions to generate a payment request in “How to request payment for a Manual Booking”

4.Once you are ready to charge the Final Payment you will need to edit the booking, amend the Total and generate another payment request.

5.See instructions for “How to edit a booking”