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Travel trends expected to dominate Summer 2021

The first four months of 2021 have been a difficult state of affairs for travel providers. However, as the coronavirus pandemic starts to be brought under control across the world, more people are booking trips abroad. But what trips are they booking? What are their priorities? We’ve explored a few travel trends that are expected to dominate 2021...

The importance of financial protection in the travel industry

It has been a challenging year for travel providers. The coronavirus pandemic has reduced customer confidence and trust, and travel businesses all over the world have been forced to close as a result. There are signs of industry recovery after a tough six months, and customers need extra assurance that their payments are protected when they book travel experiences. ABTA’s Chief Executive has said that the travel industry must do “all we can to preserve customer confidence”. That is where we come in.

In 2012, Trust My Travel began offering financial protection memberships in the form of a trust account, in line with the Package Travel Regulations. Since then, the services we offer have diversified significantly to include protection through insurance, payment processing, multi-currency pricing, alternative payments, and more.

By using Trust Protects, you can 100% financially protect your travellers’ funds if the business faces insolvency or if anything goes wrong in between purchase and delivery. Our financial protection services mean that your customers’ money will be under the safe protection of our trustees, enabling you to focus on your travel business.

Visit our website today to find out more about how we can help you protect your travellers’ funds.

Three alternative payment methods you should know about

The payments landscape has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. There are now 300 different types of eCommerce payment methods. PayPal was unleashed to the world in 1999, and introduced the world to online payments and has 286 million users.

The huge growth in the number of payment methods has made it difficult for merchants to decide which methods to offer. The solution is to offer customers a multi-payment gateway which allows customers to pay using their preferred method via a customer-friendly payment platform.


AliPay was founded in China in 2004 and now has 1.2 billion users, making it the largest payment organisation in the world. In China alone, the payment service has 700 million regular users.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was launched in 2014 and has 253 million regular users around the world. It is compatible with desktop, mobile, and Apple watches, and is the United States' favourite mobile payment method.

Google Pay

Google Pay is Apple Pay’s main rival. In August 2019, it had 55 million monthly active users. Google Pay offers greater cross-platform compatibility than Apple, working across smartphones, tablets, watches, and also appliances.

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