FAQs: Manual Bookings

Manual Bookings FAQs

  • How do I set up a payment to be paid in instalments? I would like to charge an initial deposit payment plus additional payments to complete the balance.

    To create a deposit payment you will need to create a new booking for the total of the deposit and generate a payment request as normal. Once the cardholder has paid the deposit, you will need to go into that booking, and manually increase the total of the booking to include the next new amount. Generate the payment request and repeat until the full total is paid.

  • The traveller did not make payment by the link due date. Do I need to create a new link? 

    Yes, you will need to go to the Booking and generate a new payment request link.

  • How long are payment links valid for?

    Payment links are valid until the day after the date of travel.

  • I've manually created a booking. How do I request payment?

    There are only 2 ways to send a payment link to your client:

    1) Click the green ‘Email’ button. This emails the payment link directly to the traveller’s email address.

    2) Click the orange ‘Copy URL’ button. You will then need to compose an email to the traveller, pasting the URL into the email yourself.

  • Traveller: Why is the green payment button not working?

    Please ensure you allow pop-ups from Trust My Travel (https://dashboard.trustmytravel.com)

  • Which details need to be declared within the Booking description?
    You are required to provide a brief summary of the booking within the description field.

    For example; 7 day tour to Egypt inc airport transfers OR Hop on Hop off Rome sightseeing tour.

    This summary should not exceed 1023 characters but should include all items which need to be financially protected.