FAQs: Refunds

Refund FAQs

  • In order to process a refund, do I have to submit any supporting documentation?

    No, you will not need to submit any supporting documentation in order to process a refund. You simply locate the transaction in the Infinity dashboard, and apply the refund using the refund button.

  • How can I process a Legacy platform refund?

    Click this link: Legacy Refund Request Form

  • The cardholder has requested their refund be sent to a different card than the card originally used to make payment. Is this possible?

    Funds should only ever be returned to the same account used to process the original transaction. Please note that a refund will be successful if, for example, the payment card has been updated for as long as the associated bank account remains open. If a cardholder claims that their bank account has closed down entirely, please email us at trust@trustmytravel.com and we can assist you with this.