Your TMT Infinity Dashboard

Your Dashboard

Each time you log in to TMT Infinity you will see a summary page, we refer to this as your Dashboard. Here you will find key processing information such as total number of Transactions and gross value processed for Bookings as well as the total value of refunds and Chargebacks processed over the selected calendar period.

Filtering the displayed data

Data range screenshot

You can adjust the date range on the right-hand side to view bookings data within a specific timeframe.

If you use more than one TMT Processing Channel, you can also display data for a specific Processing Channel. You can do this by using the Channel dropdown menu, top-left then selecting the Channel you’d like to view.

Understanding your Dashboard

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 12.54.40


The total number of transactions within the specified date range period 


The currency of the processing channel you have selected


The total value of all of the bookings within that date range


The total value of all of the Multi-Currency Pricing bookings in that date range


1. As a % of Gross Sales in that date range
2. Total value of Chargebacks in that date range


1.As a % of Gross Sales in the date range
2.Total value of Refunds within that date range

Payee Country

The breakdown of where the cardholders live, for the transactions within the date range selected

Card Type

The breakdown of the different cards used in the date range selected