Commonly used Trust My Travel terms and phrases, as well as general payment definitions, in alphabetical order.

3D Secure (3DS)

3D Secure authorization code required by issuing bank to approve a transaction 

Acquirer (Acquiring Bank)

An Acquiring Bank, also referred to as an Acquirer, is an institution that has the authority (as set out by Cards Schemes) to process a debit or credit card transaction.

Alternative Payment Methods (APM)

Alternative Payment Methods (also referred to as ‘APM’s’ and ‘Alternative Payment Types’ include any form of payment which isn’t cash, or a credit card issued by a major bank.


API is shorthand for Application Programming Interface. An API connects two or more separate applications.


The term Authorisation summarises the online process whereby a merchant obtains permission from a cardholder's issuing bank to accept the card for a transaction.


When we use the term Booking, we are referring to the group of information detailing the travel purchase. When you view a booking in the Infinity Platform you can expect to see information on the person who made the purchase, the amount charged, the dates of travel, the service provider and more.


A Cardholder is the person transacting, using their credit or debit card.

Card Not Present

A Card-Not-Present transaction (also referred to as a MOTO payment) is a transaction made by card where the cardholder does not physically present the card for a merchant's visual examination at the point of purchase.

Card Schemes

A Card Scheme is a group which contains various entities who agree on set transactional rules and conditions within which credit and debit card sales can take place.

Card Scheme Charges

Card Scheme Charges are the fees paid by acquiring banks to become members of the group AKA scheme.

Acquiring banks pass the charges on to merchants (through credit card merchant fees), which each merchant pays either in each transaction or as an overall service charge.


You use our solution through Processing Channels. We refer to you as 'Providers', and each provider using Trust My Travel has one or more processing channels on the Infinity platform. You can view transactions, download statements and check payouts per processing channel. Most Providers will only need to have one channel but please note each channel has one base currency. (This is the currency you will be paid out in)

With a single channel, you will be able to accept protected payments from customers in multiple currencies via multiple payment methods all around the world. Regardless of what currency or payment type your customer uses, you can receive funds in full using Multi Currency Pricing Product, in your chosen currency which is selected as the channel's base currency.

This means your statement will appear as if you're selling domestically every single time, but your customers have the ability to choose from dozens of currencies to pay with, with no FX cost to you.


A Chargeback describes the return of a payment from the operator to the cardholder as authorised by the card issuer. This differs from a refund in that a customer has successfully disputed the delivery or legitimacy of a booking via their card issuing bank.


We use the term Consumer to refer to the end-customer. This is the traveller, person or cardholder who has purchased travel goods or services.

Cross-Border Payment

Cross-Border Payments are transactions where the cardholder and the travel provider are based in different countries.


When a Dispute becomes a Chargeback, the merchant is automatically liable. That means in order to appeal the Chargeback, the merchant must provide adequate evidence that the charge was legitimate.

Financial Failure Insurance (FFI)

Financial Failure Insurance allows travel merchants to fulfil their obligations to cover consumer payments under the Package Travel regulations. 


Fraud describes the illegal activity (carried about by a 'fraudster') using stolen payment information for online transactions without the legitimate cardholder's knowledge.

Fraud Tools

Fraud Tools are designed to lower the chance of outright fraud, friendly fraud and your chargeback ratio.

Trust My Travel provides a full-scale fraud prevention system made up of four key components:

1.Our unique monitoring system which flags suspicious transactions based on card and cardholder characteristsics

2.Our dedicated Fraud Team who are specialists in identifying fraudulent transactions and managing travel-related Chargebacks

3.Bespoke fraud rule sets, developed and finessed over years of processing travel bookings

4.Dynamic fraud settings based on the cardholder's locations, protecting your business whilst maximising conversion

Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud refers to an instance where a cardholder legitimately makes a purchase online for a product or service and then contacts their credit card issuer to dispute the charge.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

FX is shorthand for Foreign Exchange, describing the trading of one currency for another.

Insurance Release

An Insurance Release allows permitted providers to release a portion of funds held in trust to make payment to a supplier for an invoice in relation to a travel booking.

Insured Bank Transfer

An underwritten bank transfer 

Interchange Plus Pricing (IC++)

Interchange Plus pricing passes on the hard costs an acquirer must cover to acquire any transaction, so that you the merchant can see these transparently, and charges you a fixed fee for processing the transaction on top of these hard costs. This allows merchants to feel confident in the fees that they are paying, the margin the acquirer is charging and to price merchants as a reflection of their requirements.  

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There are hard costs involved when processing a card payment and settling it into a merchant’s bank account. The real cost is determined by all the different parties involved who handle the transaction. Interchange Plus pricing is a pricing model that transparently  breakstransparently breaks down the costs of card processing into three parts: interchange fee, a card scheme fee, and processing fee. The interchange fee and card scheme fee are hard costs every transaction incurs regardless of the processor, and the processing fee is the fee the acquirer charges you to process the transaction.  


(IC)(+)(+) or broken down: (IC = Interchange) ,(+ = Scheme Fees) and (+ = Acquirer’s Fee) 

Interchange Plus Protection Pricing (IC++P)

Interchange Plus Plus Protection – different pricing model that breaks down the cost of card processing into four parts: interchange fee, a card scheme fee, processing fee and protection fee. 

Local Payment Methods

Local Payment Methods include bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based digital payments and local(regional) cards.

Manual Bookings

A Manual Booking is a booking created using the TMT Infinity platform.


Merchant refers to a company selling or goods or a service.

Merchant of Record

The Merchant of Record (MoR) is the business that is authorised to process consumer’s credit card and debit card transactions.

Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS)

Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) refers to digital solutions built for mobile and tablet device use instead of desktop computers.

Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

Trust My Travel's Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) utilises acquirers in every region meaning, wherever possible, your customers pay locally – keeping both yours and your customers’ costs down. Sells your products in your customers’ local currency, while you receive your base currency in full.

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Payment Ecosystem

Payment ecosystem describes the network and relationships between all relevant parties, such as issuers and acquirers, credit card networks, payment processors, payment facilitators, payment gateways, booking systems, sales agents, travel providers and suppliers. 

Payment Modal

Trust My Travel's Payment Modal securely collects payments from travellers on your behalf without them leaving your website.


Pay-outs are the release of processed funds, less any charges, from Trust My Travel. Pay-outs will occur on a rolling basis, dependant on your pay-out schedule.

PCI Compliance

PCI (Payment card industry) Compliance refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses follow to secure and protect credit card data provided by cardholders.

Point of Sale (POS)

A Point of Sale (POS) transaction may occur in person or online, with receipts generated either in print or electronically.

Processing Statement

Providers can see and download a detailed breakdown of funds released to them under Statements in the Trust My Travel Infinity platform. Each processing statement is based on one full processing period and includes information on bookings as well as any associated charges such as chargebacks, refunds and funds held in rolling reserve


Package Travel Regulations. We recommend ABTA for more information: 


A Refund refers to the repayment of a sum of money, most commonly to a dissatisfied customer.

Reservation/Booking system

Reservation/Booking systems manage service availability and enable travellers to book a service directly through a website.

Retrieval Request

A Retrieval Request is a method of obtaining a copy of the paperwork to validate a transaction.

Risk management

Tools or measures taken to manage risk i.e. Reporting

Risk Mitigation

Tools or measures taken to reduce or eliminate risk. i.e. Financial Protection

Rolling Reserve

A Rolling Reserve withholds a percentage of the provider's sales to offset risk against chargebacks for a predetermined amount of time before releasing the funds to the merchant.

Risk quantifying

Evaluating risk using data to make an informed decision. 

Scheduled Airline Failure (SAFI)

Scheduled airline failure insurance is a specific type of insurance that protects travellers who choose to book flights only directly with an airline rather than as a package. 


Settlement refers to the release of processed funds, less any charges, from Trust My Travel. You will be settled on a rolling basis, dependant on your pay-out schedule.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area.

The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.


This refers to the 'Supplier product' part of the Booking

Supplier Failure

Supplier Failure is a term that refers to the possibility of a tour operator, travel business going out of business.

Trust My Travel provide Trust Protects financial protection for consumers to protect funds against supplier failure.

Supplier Failure Insurance - SFI

Supplier Failure Insurance underwrites the risk of your Travel Provider becoming insolvent.

Supplier Tagging

Tagging the supplier in the booking 

TMT Infinity

The TMT Infinity Platform is Trust My Travel's secure, online platform where you can log in, view recent transactions and bookings. Find data on refunds, chargebacks and download reports on processing statements.

TMU Management

TMU Management supplies modernised Financial Failure Insurance, Supplier Failure Insurance and Schedule Airline Failure Insurance solutions for a long term post-covid world. 


Tokenisation describes the secure transformation of sensitive data into a unique set of randomised characters called a token.


Transaction refers to the payment made by the traveller (cardholder/consumer), purchasing a service from the provider.

Travel Value Chain

The model which describes the full range of activities needed to honour the travel booking. 

Trust Ledger

The Trust Ledger enables users of the TMT Infinity Platform to reconcile statements, payouts and accrued balances interactively through the dashboard.

Trust My Group

Trust My Group supplies risk management solutions to Travel Merchants, Consumers and Services Providers to the travel trade through its three brands: Trust My Travel, Trust Protects and TMU Management. 

Trust My Travel

Trust My Travel provides a straightforward, all-in-one solution to protect and process payments for consumers wishing to book with our travel providers worldwide.  

Trust Protects

Trust Protects by Trust My Travel is your customer facing guarantee that a booking is financially protected.

The Trust Protects logo is the ultimate stamp of approval to show your travellers that you are a responsible and trustworthy operator.


This is our Consumer facing brand. hosts a validation tool which cardholders can use to look up the whether their booking has been protected.


The Trust Protects system supplies risk management software for service providers such as acquirers, trade bodies and insurers to quantify their exposures to the travel trade and enable added risk mitigation solutions. 

Virtual credit card (VCC)

A virtual credit card is an electronic version credit card that is authorized only for online use. These can be single or multi-use. Chargebacks are applicable.