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Trust My Travel's onboarding process

Required documents for onboarding with Trust My Travel

Trust My Travel's onboarding process

Signing up to Trust My Travel couldn't be easier - It's all online! We'll get in touch by email if we need more detail on a specific aspect of your application, but we've designed the process to be as straightforward and easy to navigate as possible.

Complete online form

Review and sign contract

Configure Channel

Login and API credentials

Live processing

To begin the process of using the Trust My Travel Infinity platform you complete the Trust My Travel online sign up application form. In addition to the completion of the form, you will be required to attach relevant documentation around your business and processing.

Provided you possess the required information and documentation, the application should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. If you need more time to find and attach the documentation required, you can save your application at any point and resume later.

During onboarding, you will be asked to provide details such as:

  • Annual Turnover
  • Annual Card Turnover
  • Number of Transactions per Annum
  • Number of Passengers per Annum
  • Average Transaction Value
  • Highest Transaction Value
  • Lowest Transaction Value
  • Your 6 month Chargeback Ratio (Chargebacks, sometimes referred to as a Dispute, arise when a cardholder queries a transaction with their card issuer)

We need this information so we can review if your business is suitable for our product.

You can find an inclusive list of documentation required, and the reasons we need them, listed below.

Once we have all the required information and documentation from your completed online form, we endeavour to get you up and running in five working days.*

*Integrating via API can take a little longer depending on how long it takes you or your web developer to complete the integration.

Not yet a customer of Trust My Travel? Find more information on our website.

Required documents for onboarding with Trust My Travel

Below is a list of documents which we will request scanned copies of (it is not necessary to submit any original documents or forms of identification) and the reasons they are required.

Incorporation or Business Registration Document

This helps us verify your business and ensure that you are registered and able to trade.

Utility Bill featuring your Business/Office address

This enables us to verify the registered address of your business.

Passport for all shareholders with 10% or more shares

Trust My Travel have a requirement to hold this information for all stakeholders who have the power to make business decisions. We must also ensure that we verify these stakeholders are not in any sanctioned lists globally or are politically exposed.

Ownership document (Memorandum and articles of association)

This helps us understand who has shares in your business and therefore who has the authority to make business decisions.

Three months processing statements from your previous payment provider

This helps us review your existing chargeback ratio and sales income. We understand this is distorted due to Covid-19 and take this into consideration.

End of year financial report (Profit and loss report often produced by an accountant or auditor)

We review this and get an understanding of your business financial health.

Certificate of any other relevant protection (if applicable)

If you have other protection or insurance please submit this so we have this on record, this invariably lowers your risk when onboarding.

Terms and conditions

This is essential and must be featured on your website before we can proceed with your application. Please ensure that this covers information such as; your refunds, cancellation, no show and force majeure policy etc. It's important that your travellers have access to this information prior to processing a booking with you.

Privacy Policy

This is important and  must be featured on your  website before we can proceed with your application. Please ensure that your Privacy Policy explains to your clients how you handle and store their data.  It is important that your travellers have access to this information  prior  to processing a booking with you.

Other Licences (if applicable)

This helps us verify whether you are registered to trade in any other sectors.

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