Displaying the Trust Protects logo

Displaying your Trust Protects logo

Trust Protects provides customer-facing validation of financial protection. Share the Trust Protects website with your travellers in order for them to check the protection of their transaction. They can do this at any time using the Transaction Search Tool. 

Travellers simply enter their booking details and receive an automated email with confirmation of thier transaction and protection.

Third-party confirmation that you have taken measures to safeguard your customer’s transaction gives your travellers peace of mind that their money is in safe hands, whilst cementing their trust in you as a responsible provider.

Please dowload the Trust Protects logo and display it on your website, clearly visible to consumers.

Trust Protects logo

To download the logo: right-click on the image above, and select 'Save as image' or 'Save as Download'. OR - 

This is a PNG file with a transparent background and can be applied directly to your website. If you require an alternative to ensure that the logo is clearly visible on your website, please scroll down for more information.

2.Displaying your logo

Displaying the Trust Protects logo and accompanying text (below) demonstrates that you are a legitimate and responsible merchant.

Please include the following sentence alongside the Trust Protects logo to help your travellers find information on who TMT are and the protection we provide:

"All bookings processed through this website are financially protected by Trust My Travel. Please click on this logo for more information on Trust Protects financial protection ."

You should also link your Trust Protects logo to the Trust Protects website: https://trustprotects.me where your travellers can check their booking is covered and find more information on who Trust My Travel are and what we do.

Trust Protects logo getting lost against your website?

You can download the Trust Protects logo in white. We want to ensure your Trust Protects logo is clearly visible so that your travellers can easily identifity that their booking is 100% financially protected.