Ways to Integrate

We understand that all travel businesses are unique. That's why Trust My Travel provide multiple ways to integrate with our platform -as well as a no-integration option*.

Integrating Trust My Travel's API

Before you begin integration, you will need:

  • A Trust My Travel account
  • A Channel (Test or Live) that is ready for processing
  • The Secret Key for that Channel
  • The Base Currency of that Channel; and
  • You unique Site Path

We provide detailed documentation and are on hand to answer any questions, but we also recommend you source a development team for this type of integration. For more information and documentation on integrating with Trust My Travel visit:

Integrating via a Reservation System

If you are using a Reservation System or one of our trusted partners you may be able to integrate the TMT Infinity platform during their sign up or registration process. Contact them for more information on integration.

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Using TMT Infinity without technical Integration

You can create bookings using the TMT Infinity Platform manually without the need for technical integration. Simply enter the details of the booking and request payment. To request payment, you can either copy and paste the URL to a unique payment page or use the Infinity Platform to send an email invoice.

You can find more information on how bookings can be manually created, without technical integration, under Manual Bookings*