The importance of flexibility and agility, post-pandemic

Why should hospitality adopt the Agile Philosophy?

So first things first, what is Agile and the Agile philosophy? 

Agile is used to describe software development and project management and was initially developed out of frustration by a team of software developers who saw a problem with software and the way it was developed. Companies were more focused on planning and documentation than the satisfaction of their customers. 

The discussion that was had offered the solution of Agile, which resulted in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the twelve principles of Agile Software. A few of the values outlined in the manifesto included such things as individuals and interactions over process and tools and customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Agile is a philosophy that sets the foundation for sound decision making that produces good software. 

Why should you care?

Agile, while initially written to help software developers satisfy customers, can be adopted by any company or team that provides goods and services. Introducing agile thinking can help you and your business adapt quickly to unexpected changes. 

Agile principles can be applied to the work of many different industries such as hoteliers, travel, or restaurateurs. So how can they be used in your business? 

Agile means you welcome changing requirements even later in a plan. You harness change for the customers’ competitive advantage. And a shift from seeing unexpected changes as opportunities rather than setbacks. 

A business is only as good as its employees, so building projects around motivated individuals and providing them with the environment and support they need to grow and placing trust in them to get the job done. 

By also introducing regular intervals, the team can reflect on becoming a more effective team and then find ways to adjust behaviours accordingly or fine-tune current business practices.

For your company to adapt quickly, you need to access real-time information about your business. Trip This data needs to be collected from various sources stored and organised to be accessible to you and your team. 

How Agile and being flexible affects travel and travellers

Any experienced traveller knows that flexibility and fast action are vital; the early bird catches the proverbial worm. Acting quickly opens up access to a whole world of opportunities such as half-price flights, sold-out Broadway shows and other such things.

A similar culture of innovation has been central to the success of since the company was founded in 1997. considers the agile philosophy a cornerstone of company culture, so much so that new employees go through an agility boot camp upon joining the company. 

Agile has been a significant factor in the conglomerate’s ability to survive and flourish in the face of so much change. Digital skills, analytics and cyber specialists are in high demand.

Many countries are just starting to emerge from lockdowns, and travel restrictions are beginning to be lifted while new, more permanent changes are put in place. The working world and the travel community have certainly gone through a metamorphosis where sudden changes are now commonplace. 

By adopting flexible working practices and opening up to more versatile travel applications, you are welcoming in the new future and making your companies more accessible and user friendly, which is one of the reasons, the Agile philosophy was first created. 

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