Why two heads are better than one for Discovery

Why two heads are better than one for discovery

One of many side-effects of the pandemic is the exponential growth in online searches for travel since 2019, which spiked during the periods of the pandemic in which travel restrictions were due to, and beginning to, be eased. But the lead time from initial search to checkout has grown too, with travellers being more cautious as to who they book with and more particular in what they want to experience.

From our research even travellers who go away more than six times a year – 76% say searching for relevant inspiration is painful. Travellers today have unique interests and want to reflect that in their holidays. But the overwhelming choice is making it more and more challenging to find precisely what they’re looking for: For instance, Google Maps has more than 200 million points of interest, and Tripadvisor has nearly eight million businesses.

If you’re looking to grow your business you need to ensure that your products don’t get lost in the mass of online options, packages, combinations, and add-ons. 

Selling your products through a reservation system is a quick and easy way to instantly become more discoverable marketing your products to a global audience, without the overheads of a huge bookings team or even bigger marketing budget.

Integrating with an online booking platform means you can sell and more importantly, accept, more bookings overnight – Your business is open to accept bookings 24/7, wherever a traveller is based. Travellers want to be able to book, pay and manage their booking online without wasting any time finding out about availability so remove any delays between perusal and purchase.

Outsourcing and digitising the management of product availability reduces manual administration resources required. Product availability is managed automatically and in real-time, as are cancellations. This means no waiting lists to manage and fewer availability enquiries to respond to. 

Your business could also benefit from the analytics insights provided through bookings platforms, such as data on your most popular tours or activities, most and least popular days per product and so on. You should be regularly reviewing these metrics to ensure that you are selling and meeting demand strategically.

So, you’ve partnered with a Reservation System and you’re receiving an influx of new bookings. What’s next?

Here are our 3 top tips on best practices for scaling your business to meet increased demand:

Proactive Communication

With increased sales comes increased enquiries such as booking enquiries, cancellation and refund requests. Ensure you have the infrastructure to respond to all

Keep a close eye on Card Fraud

Unfortunately card fraud is a Read our article on minimising fraud here:

Put time into avoiding and reducing Chargebacks

Ensure you are proactive in managing refund requests to avoid costly Chargebacks. Contact us at trust@trustmy.group to discuss how we can help you to reduce your Chargeback ratio.